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Dry Ginger Ale
Post Mix Syrup


Dry Ginger Ale Post Mix Syrup.
15 Litre bag in a box.
Free Delivery Australia wide.

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Top Quality Made in Australia
Jashar's has over 45 years experience and is proud to offer you our post-mix syrup. We offer high quality and excellent taste.

Best prices“ directly from Jashars
At Jashar's, our biggest and key selling point is profit for you. You will find that the savings from our tasty non-branded drinks range are huge.
Each 15 litre box  = 90 litres of Dry Ginger Ale

For container systems, too
Ideal for refilling post-mix containers.

You need less storage space
Our 15 litre post-mix syrup bag-in-box corresponds to  ~90 x 1 litre bottles.

Environmentally friendly
No unnecessary returning of empties because all our post-mix syrups are in disposable bag-in-boxes.

Fast delivery
Our post-mix products are delivered the fastest way possible by the parcel freight forwarder.

With post-mix syrup it's not just time you save - you also save money!
You will benefit from all those advantages in terms of price advantage and quality advantage, too.
So why pay more? Buy your post-mix products directly from the manufacturer.

As a supplier, our commitment to our customers is simple.
We will provide you

  • real alternatives to pre-mix drinks,
  • increase profit margins
  • taste good
  • keep your customers satisfied time after time.

At Jashar's, our biggest and key selling point is profit for you.


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